The Project Review Committee is comprised of representatives from all orders of government, business and social enterprise, and the community at large. It reviews and provides feedback and recommendations on funding requests put forward to Homeward Trust administration.

The technical expertise of individual members of the Project Review Committee ensures that proposed projects are viable and align with priorities and strategies of various public and community-based stakeholders.

The Research Committee acts as a bridge between academic and on-the-ground knowledge, and as a channel for collaborative, community-engaged research. This committee supports Homeward Trust’s mandate to fund community-based research projects, engages in strategic research to better understand the issues around homelessness in Edmonton, and develops the evidence base to inform practice and policy in order to end homelessness.

The Community Plan Committee prepares and updates the Community Plan – the comprehensive guide for Homeward Trust and its partners to understand, prioritize, and address housing- and homelessness-related needs, gaps, and priorities in the Edmonton area. The committee is a key venue for collaborative monitoring and problem solving to respond to emerging issues and get ahead of challenging trends.

The Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC) is responsible for providing knowledge, cultural perspectives, and awareness of the urban Aboriginal experience to the advisory process. The focus of the IAC is to encourage innovative solutions that promote building organizational capacity within Indigenous organizations, groups, and communities. The IAC reviews all funding applications, providing feedback and recommendations with regard to cultural appropriateness of delivery models and assurance of quality services for Indigenous people receiving housing and support services.

The Participant Advisory Committee was formed in 2015 and is made up of people with direct experience of programs and services. Their insights help shape program and policy development, guide strategic planning, and facilitate community education and awareness in our efforts to end homelessness in Edmonton.

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