Community Plans

Homeward Trust works with a number of stakeholders, community based organizations, and all levels of government to implement strategies, adapting to the shifting needs in our community.


This foundational document guides decisions regarding housing, partnerships, research, checks and balances in our work, policy development, and raising awareness. This work plan for the housing sector and support services in Edmonton serves to identify gaps in current services, develop strategies to address those gaps, and agree on responsibilities for action.

The goals of this work plan are to ensure:

  • Adequate housing and support services for people in need;
  • The sector has a consolidated inventory of all low-income and special needs housing in order to make informed funding decisions;
  • Services throughout the sector are effectively streamlined and complementary;
  • All existing plans relating to housing and homelessness in Edmonton are aligned; and
  • A framework exists for our funding needs during the lifetime of the Plan.

Homeward Trust released The Community Strategy to End Youth Homelessness in Edmonton in June 2015. It originated from Homeward Trust’s work with youth-serving agencies around the Winter Emergency Response program in 2014. Youth experiencing homelessness were facing serious gaps and misconnections at both the systems and community levels. As winter approached, it was vital to ensure the most vulnerable youth could access services and be guided towards permanent housing.

The Youth Strategy serves as a roadmap to enhance systems integration as a means to provide continuous and comprehensive prevention, housing, and support options for homeless youth based on Housing First principles.  By engaging systems, community stakeholders, and people who have lived through the experience of homelessness, The Strategy helps guide the agenda for government and community stakeholders.

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