What We Do

Homeward Trust works to uphold every Edmontonian’s right to a basic home by funding and providing housing and crucial support services to those in need.

It is our mission to end chronic homelessness in Edmonton.

Since 2001, Homeward Trust has allocated over $159 million in funding on behalf of the three orders of government to 98 capital projects, which represent more than 1,740 housing units to address homelessness. The total value of these projects is $243 million, which demonstrates Homeward Trust’s ability to leverage significant funds from proponents, in addition to funding from other orders of government.


We work to identify, then contract, and guide the active and engaged community organizations who are providing outstanding services to people experiencing homelessness in Edmonton. These groups are engrained in the community and have an in-depth understanding of the diversity of needs in the populations they serve.

Where there are needs for services that aren’t provide by our community partners, or where capacity is standing in the way of change, we fill the gap.

We’re dedicated to ensuring governments fulfill their commitments and responsibilities towards ending homelessness. To do this, we research and share statistics and facts, partner in awareness campaigns, and communicate consistently with decision makers and community members.

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