Every person has the right to a safe and secure home. That is the underlying principle of Housing First.

Housing First is a proven approach to ending homelessness that has seen years of success across North America and beyond. This approach is rooted in the idea that someone who is homeless needs a safe, stable place to live before they can work on whatever issues led them to become homeless in the first place. Choice and self-determination are key. People in Housing First programs choose where they live, how to furnish their home, and what sort of services and supports they need to remain successfully housed.

Homeward Trust invests in community agencies that provide Housing First programs and permanent supportive housing, to house and support people who experience chronic homelessness.


Coordinated Access provides system navigation services to people dealing with a housing crisis or in need of housing support. The Homeward Trust Coordinated Access team talks to the individuals in crisis and determines the best road forward and what services they need, then connects them with appropriate programs and resources.

Homeward Trust works to connect individuals experiencing homelessness with the services and supports they need to get into long-term housing.

Housing and Follow-up Support covers the wide range of teams that are working to house individuals who may be facing a range of needs and barriers. These teams are continuously working to connect individuals to the supports they need to maintain housing. This includes clinical and non-clinical teams.

Permanent Supportive Housing provides the level of support required to address complex and interconnected challenges, such as persistent addictions and mental illness. Permanent Supportive Housing often includes on-site staffing to assist with tenancy and manage day-to-day issues, as well as work towards long-term recovery.

Homeward Trust’s research activities are led by staff and the Research Committee, which consists of community stakeholders, researchers, and/or interested participants. It serves as an impartial group of stakeholders and partners who are responsible for supporting Homeward Trust’s administration in determining research priorities established through the Community Plan process, as well as developing an annual research agenda.

Homeward Trust issues an annual RFP for community-based research and invests in strategic research projects to support its initiatives.

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