Plan to End Homelessness

At Homeward Trust, we are guided by key documents: the Government of Alberta’s A Plan for Alberta: Ending Homelessness in 10 Years, the 2017 update A Place to Call Home: Edmonton’s Updated Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness, the first A Place to Call Home, and the Homeward Trust-led Edmonton Area Community Plan on Housing and Supports 2011 – 2015. As a funder and systems planner, it is our role to lead implementation, and partner with agencies and the community at large to deliver results.

Strategic Goals:

  • Resources – Increase resources dedicated to efforts to end homelessness
  • Housing – Increase the supply and diversity of housing options for those requiring support or subsidy.
  • Supports – Address the support needs of targeted homeless populations, including Indigenous peoples, youth, families, and chronically homeless people through a system of prioritization and coordination.
  • Alignment – Align community and government efforts in an optimized homeless serving system with a goal of making homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring.
  • Engagement – Engage and communicate with the homeless sector, indigenous community members, and public in planning, execution, and awareness of our work.
  • Excellence – Achieve organizational excellence.


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